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The NATI vision, mission and core values demonstrate the importance placed upon research activities within the Institution. In keeping with excellence in research, NATI has a framework of policies for conducting research in the Institution. The framework and policies are designed to promote ethical research and integrity.

Research at Namulanda Technical Institute (NATI) is important for learning and finding new ideas. Our institute encourages students and teachers to explore and discover new things that can help society.

Students at NATI can work on research projects with the help of experienced teachers. These projects help students learn more about their subjects and develop problem-solving skills. By doing experiments and analyzing results, students get practical experience that prepares them for future jobs.

NATI supports research with modern labs, special equipment, and partnerships with companies. We believe in research that connects different fields like engineering and technology, which helps students learn in a complete way.

Come to Namulanda Technical Institute and be part of research that makes a difference. Whether you want to create new technology or solve big problems, NATI is where you can learn and grow through research.