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Welcome & Greetings!

Dear Great Visitor!, You are most welcome to Namulanda Technical Institute(NATI). One of NATI's main objectives is to train and develop future professional technicians who are knowledgeable and well rounded. We are to bridge the missing link in the ideal technical training in Uganda which will see the country produce such technical manpower capable of meeting the challenges of a country that has a vision of industrialization as a development strategy to see it graduate into the ranks of a modernized economy.

Our courses are designed to provide a solid training in both theoretical and applied skills and will provide you with good grounding for work as a technician or in many other careers.

Having completed your course at NATI, Life will never be the same again. NATI being Uganda 's first Centre for Innovative Technologies, you are to be trained to become a job creator not a job seeker. Even when employed by others, your contributions will always be positive.

Mr. Stephen Lwalanda Director