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Below the accreditated courses offered at Namulanda Technical Institute

Electrical Installation and Maintenance

The course is aimed at producing Electricians who are relevant to the Industry and World of Work

National Certificate in Building and Construction

This module is to help a technician attain skills to enable him/her carry out measurements and estimates and to give foundation knowledge required for Upgrading. It introduces the learner to soling problems related to fractions, costing materials, percentages, Fractions, Ratios and \proportions, Logarithms, surface areas etc.

National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics

this is aimed at producing motor vehicle Mechanics who are able to fabricate simple parts, maintain and repair engines to good working conditions, maintain the transmission and suspension systems, install, repair and maintain the electrical /electronic systems of the vehicle, ensure safety of the vehicle and personnel , prepare reports, budgets and operation plans.

National Certificate in Cosmetology and Body Therapy

This is aimed at producing trainees with skills in Cosmetology and body therapy who will be able to analyse hair, weave and plate, condition, treat and scalp, design and style, cut trim, and shape, shape eye bows and color eyelashes, massage and tone clients and care for nails.

National certificate in Fashion and Garment Design

this course is aimed at producing Skilled Fashion Designers who are able to construct work Aprons, Pyjamas, baby frocks, skirts, blouses, Shirts, Pair of shorts, Dresses, pair of trousers, overalls, waist coats traditional wears, overcoats, Jackets etc. emphasis is made on practical teaching, projects and acquisition of skills by the learner and the expectations are clearly spelt out in the individual modules.

National Certificate in Woodwork Technology

This certificate is aimed at producing Carpenters and Joiners who are relevant to the industry and world of work

National Certificate in Plumbing

This National Certificate in Plumbing (NCPL) is aimed at producing plumbing technicians who are relevant to the industry and world of work. It is learner-centred and competence-based and emphasises acquisition of skills by the learners through practical teaching and execution of projects.

Programs Offered