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Namulanda Technical Institute (NATI) is a Ugandan Institute that started operations in 2006 and is meant to bridge the missing link in the ideal technical training in Uganda which will see the country produce such technical manpower capable of meeting the challenges of a country that has a vision of industrialization as a development strategy to see it graduate into the ranks of a modernized economy.

Namulanda Technical Institute (NATI) is on Block 383- Busiro, land situated at Kabulamuliro of  2.83 Hactares with Registered Proprietor as Stephen Lwalanda. This is 12 miles Entebbe Road in Kajjansi Town Council Wakiso  District -  Uganda. Coordinates 0.16241368, 32.54181387

NATI’s mission is to empower individuals through the Provision of Employable Skills and to Provide Skilled Workforce for the economy.

Preparing individuals towards building a Sustainable Future through Skills training.

Namulanda Technical is governed by a Board of Directors, below them a Principal followed by Heads of departments. The Administrative services are handled by the Administrative Assistant.