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Plumbing is one of the respected skills in the building trades. Plumbers help make sure water runs cleanly, reliably, and at the right temperature, wastewater is treated, and pipes stay secure with plumbers' help. And when pipes burst, or leak, a plumber is usually the only one who can fix it! And as home remodeling and home construction continues, knowing how to install, maintain, specify, and troubleshoot

Plumbing fixtures and systems could be very valuable to you.

Our training department takes these and other values into account and teaches you how to succeed as a plumbing professional.

Don't miss out. NATI is a great place to live with great quality of life, hands on training, landscapes and nice views of Lake Victoria .

Contact us now for registration. Course starts 6th September 2005 Collect application forms from the institute now or download one here!


  NATI's mission is to empower individuals through the Provision of Employable Skills and to Provide Skilled Workforce for the economy. 


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