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To have the dream come true of the desired Institute, the following shall be put in place:

  • Materials for training
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Students' accommodation
  • Vehicles for transport
  • A Dinning Hall and Kitchen
  • Staff accommodation
  • Power installation
  • A library facility
  • Laboratories and workshops

As described above, it is true that technical education in Uganda needs a rebirth to see that the technicians produced are capable of meeting the challenges to see Uganda get started on the industrialization journey which calls for appropriately trained personnel. NATI would like to be the ideal model from which other technical and vocational undertakings can learn from. This ideal situation calls for big funding and it is our appeal for this big push.


  • Land at Kabulamuliro which is constituting the site for the proposed Institute in construction amounting to UGS 31,000,000/=
  • Architectual Drawings for the Institute and their approval.
  • The project proposal write-up.

Current developments on the site which include one structure 4 class block up to roofing. Second structure due for roofing. Foundation laying for third structure.


  NATI's mission is to empower individuals through the Provision of Employable Skills and to Provide Skilled Workforce for the economy. 


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