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Plumbing: Plumbers help make sure water runs cleanly, reliably and at the right temperature, waste water is treated, and pipes stay secure with plumbers’ help. Our training department takes these and other values into account and teaches you how to succeed as a plumbing professional.

Motor Vehicle: We realize that car engineering work is rewarding for those who enjoy doing precise work that is varied and challenging, and for individuals who like on the job security and feeling independent.

Electrical Installation: We are proud that the Electrical Department at NATI will play a leading role in enhancing the skills of people who are employed or who aim to be employed – in the electrical industries across Uganda.

Carpentry and Joinery: In the construction industry, building codes are updated, new building materials are introduced, and new work techniques are developed frequently. The best way to keep up with these ever changing technologies is by enrolling yourself as a carpenter.

Brick laying and Concrete practice: This course provides training in Plastering, Brick laying, Roofing and finishing designs. The Staff are there to help you learn your chosen skill in a practical, hands-on, environment.

Free Courses on Registration:
Computer Awareness courses, Business Studies, First Aid, bio Fuels & Solar


  NATI's mission is to empower individuals through the Provision of Employable Skills and to Provide Skilled Workforce for the economy. 

  • Radio and Television Repair
  • Tailoring
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • Bio gas & Fuels
  • Sheet Metalwork and Welding
  • Electronics
  • Catering
  • Computer packages
  • Solar
  • Business Education
  • First Aid
  • Wind Energy
  • Learning to learn

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