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Namulanda Technical Institute (NATI) is a Ugandan 2 bn/= , two billion shillings , that is equivalent to US$1,111,111, One million, One hundred eleven thousand One hundred One project. It is meant to bridge the missing link in the ideal technical training in Uganda which will see the country produce such technical manpower capable of meeting the challenges of a country that has a vision of industrialization as a development strategy to see it graduate into the ranks of a modernized economy.

NATI therefore has briefly outlined the salient features that qualify it as an ideal model against the background of what is on ground in the existing technical Institutes in Uganda , hence the cost implication as indicated above with the breakdown at the back of the overview. It is true that anything good has cost implications.

NATI promoters are feeling the weight and therefore wish to call upon Institutions/people of good will to whom some of the burden can be offloaded to eventually have the dream come true of training manpower capable of the challenges of globalization and the development initiatives of Uganda in its vision of modernization

Assistance in any form is most welcome as it will be received as a building block to realise NATI

In order to mitigate the shortcomings in technical education, NATI shall among other things reach out to secondary schools and interact with students so as to interest them of the technical education and the roles it can play in the development efforts of their country. Girls shall be encouraged as they are equally capable as boys.

The Institute shall endeavor to establish good working relations with the Ministry of Education and Sports and transparency shall be enhanced. It is hoped that the Ministry will recommend/second some teaching staff to the Institute.


  NATI's mission is to empower individuals through the Provision of Employable Skills and to Provide Skilled Workforce for the economy. 

Namulanda Technical Institute (NATI) is governed by a Board of Directors, below them is the Principal followed by various Heads of Departments. The administrative services at NATI shall be handled by a Bursar, a Chief Caterer, a Sickbay Nursing Sister and a Students' Dean.

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